Hello, my name is Andy.

I am a friendly wedding videographer and film maker based in Dorset.

My goal is to make you a beautiful, cinematic and contemporary wedding film that will make you cry with laughter and tug at the heart strings. I remain as discreet as possible throughout the day, so that I can capture moments naturally as they unfold.

Wedding Videography

I am passionate about producing highlight wedding videos and films that capture you. Your spirit. Your quirks. The fleeting moments that might otherwise go unnoticed.

I approach your wedding day with a smile on my face and a documentary approach that captures natural moments as they unfold.

Bride & Groom Testimonials

There’s nothing more enjoyable that seeing an message ping into my inbox from a happy bride and groom. Feel free to take a look at some of the kind reviews that have been kindly sent to me.

You can also see more reviews on Google or my Facebook page.

My Style

I would describe my videography style as emotive, contemporary and upbeat.

Weddings are amazing, emotional days and I want you to remember the uncontrollable laughter and tear-jerking moments in equal measures. That means I take a quiet approach on the day and let your day unfold naturally. When the day is over, my work begins. Editing is where the film is made (literally and figuratively). My approach is modern, upbeat and emotive, and I carefully choose music that reflects this.

Andy in a Nutshell

Capturing weddings is the most incredible occupation! In my spare time you will probably still find me with my camera in hand.

I spend as much time as possible outdoors, roaming the UK or abroad taking photographs of everything and everything. I was born and raised in Dorset, but I am lucky enough to have lived in Australia and France. In fact, I developed much of my photo and video skills whilst travelling and living in the Alps. Other things that you might not know about me include… I love cheese boards, I own the world’s best dog and I recently photographed my Mum’s wedding!

The Cameras

Some people buy clothes, some spend their money on going out. I buy cameras & lenses.

I film with the Sony a7sii and 2x Sony a6300s. They are well regarded as some of the most compact and powerful event videography cameras. Both film in 4K and are capable of filming high quality video in low light situations. That said, lights can make a world of difference in the right situations and therefore I use some small and discreet lights if the situation requires. Audio is one of the most underrated elements of wedding videography. I ensure that audio from your ceremony and speeches is recorded using a mixture of microphones including small lapel microphones.

I’d love to hear from you.

Let me know when & where you are getting married either by email, phone, social media or get in touch and meet me face to face.

Wedding Venues

Here are some wedding venues that I’ve had the pleasure of filming at.

Lulworth Castle Logo

Lulworth Castle

Axnoller House Logo

Axnoller House

Sopley Mill Logo

Sopley Mill

Pig on the Beach Logo

The Pig

Syon Park Logo

Syon Park

Larmer Tree Gardens Logo

Larmer Tree