Clare and Craig were incredibly relaxed to their approach to wedding photography at the Greenhouse Hotel. They contacted a few months before their wedding in Bournemouth and explained that they were looking for a photographer with a natural and unobtrusive style. They saw that style reflected in my images so we arranged to meet for a coffee.

We met in Westbourne and chatted about the wedding and how they met. I asked them if they would like to see a full wedding album, but they were already happy with the images on my site and immediately put their trust in me. From this point on, the whole process with Craig and Clare was a breeze (more on this later).

The ceremony was planned for the early afternoon so I arranged to meet Clare at the Greenhouse Hotel relatively early in the morning. Clare has stayed in the bridal suite overnight. It was a spacious and clean room with two windows that overlooked the gardens. One of the windows casted an nice soft spotlight on Clare, who sat at the window to have her hair and make-up done.



There’s a few must-have details shots in any wedding and one of those photos is the dress. The bedroom didn’t have anywhere suitable to hang the dress. However, there was a door which led to a balcony and it looked like a nice spot. I hung the dress and the light from the outside back-lit the dress nicely.

I returned the to the suite with the dress and Clare’s bridesmaid, eleven year-old Megan, arrived shortly after. The bridesmaid, her younger sister and her Mum knocked on the bedroom door and were excited to see the bride. The girls and their mum helped Clare getting ready, with nail varnish and getting ready into the dress. The girls made light work of the criss-cross ribbons.




I could see guests arriving as I looked through the windows of the bridal suite, so I went downstairs to see the groom. Craig, his best-man and the father of the bride were downstairs having their button-holes attached in the reception area. Guests slowly arrived and I made my way to the ceremony room and photographed the groom and the guests as they waited for the bride to arrive.



The ceremony room quietened and Clare was walked down the aisle by her father, Jim. Craig joined Clare at the top of the aisle and you could tell the couple were completely besotted with one another. Smiles, laughter and tears of joy filled the duration of the ceremony.



The ceremony ended and the guests spilled out onto the gardens of the hotel. The guests were served Pimms and the weather was sunny and bright. I recently invested in a new camera holster specifically for photographing weddings. The holster allowed me to quickly swap between two cameras and their respective lenses (one lens suited to wider group shots and one lens for tighter portrait shots). I’m not sure how I survived without it before!



The kids (and adults) had blown off some steam and the time came for the wedding breakfast. I took the opportunity to take a break for food and water and allowed the guests to enjoy their food. I returned for the speeches. The Father of the bride began with a short, but heart-felt speech before handing over to Craig. Craig delivered a witty and loving speech. There were plenty of laughs and heart-felt words. The laughter continued when Craig’s best man took over. He even managed to coax Craig into performing impressions of the Godfather and David Brent as part of the speech.



After the speeches the cake was cut and the guests filtered down to another area of the hotel, where the DJ had set up. The DJ started playing some music and some of the kids had a little dance before the announcement came for the first dance.

Craig and Clare made their way to the dance floor and enjoyed their first dance together as husband and wife. They continued to enjoy themselves as the music became more upbeat. Clare’s father joined her daughter and new son-in-law and shows the couple some compelling dance moves.



I want to extend a massive thank you to Craig and Clare for inviting me to photograph their wedding at The Greenhouse Hotel. You are a truly happy and warming couple and I wish you all the best as husband, wife and parents-to-be.