The Importance of Audio Equipment

As a wedding and commercial videographer, high quality audio equipment is an essential part of producing a great video. That’s why I recently added a wireless microphone to my repertoire of filming equipment. The microphone is made by BOYA and it attaches to the collar of the wearer, such as a groom at a wedding. The microphone is designed to pick up audio from only short distances and therefore it records the voices you want and eliminates unwanted background noise.

What’s in the Box

The BOYA WM6 consists of a small black omnidirectional microphone, a transmitter and a receiver. The microphone attaches to the collar with a clip and has a wire that plugs into a small transmitter, which sits in a pocket or clips onto a belt. The transmitter sends the audio signal wirelessly to the receiver, which sits on the DSLR with a hot shoe attachment. The receiver sends the audio feed through a wire into the DSLR microphone jack and the audio and video sync at the time of recording. That means less time and less hassle syncing the video and audio in post production!

It may sound difficult, but it’s totally straightforward…think of 2 walkie talkies; one with a microphone and the other connected to a recording device.

Audio Results

I was expecting good things when I started filming and I wasn’t disappointed. The was some barely distinguishable noise in the first video test, which I concluded was user error. The audio gain, which dictates the microphone sensitivity, was set too high and introduced low level noise. Similar to photography when you set your ISO too high. After a small adjustment and a second video test, the microphone performed perfectly as you can hear in the video.