The first wedding video of Spring took me to Syon Park in London. It is the first film I have produced at Syon Park and I can see why the bride and groom had chosen this venue to tie the knot. The venue is breath-taking.

I arrived at the wedding venue fashionably early and the sun was shining across the beautiful grounds. I strolled across to the Hilton Hotel, which is part of the Syon Park grounds and made my way up the room where Jaclyn, the bride, and her bridal party were getting ready. I said hello to the super-friendly Jaclyn, who was enjoying the champagne and spread that The Hilton had provided. The suite had large French windows and was large enough to accommodate the bride, 6 bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, 2 flower girls and a page boy. Needless to say, the French window were open.

I left Jaclyn and her bridal party in order visit the groom’s party. I knocked on George’s door and walked in to introduce myself to the groomsmen. They were already in high spirits, making jokes and drinking IPA by the time I had arrived. Shortly after, one of the bridesmaids delivered George a gift from Jaclyn. George hadn’t fully changed into his suit at this point, so I framed the shot carefully as he opened his gift! George removed the packaging to reveal a beautiful watch with subtly engraved initials. It was a beautiful watch and George definitely approved.

For the next couple of hours I filmed the ladies getting ready (the gents went to the pub to greet guests). Jaclyn sat on the bed and opened her gift and a letter from George, which was a beautiful moment to capture. The other stand-out moment for me was when Jaclyn revealed her dress to her bridesmaids. Smiles, astonishment and a few tears of joy followed.

The bridal party finished getting ready and I walked over to Syon House, where the ceremony would take place. The house is an amazing crenellated building placed within Syon’s regal looking grounds. The interior has a bright and almost Mediterranean feel (I later learnt the London grounds have roots in Roman history). The decorations and Jaclyn’s flower crown complimented the ceremony room perfectly.

George and the groom’s party started to welcome guests into the ceremony room and the time came for George to stand at the top of the aisle as the bridal procession began. Jaclyn walked up the aisle and I can’t begin to describe George’s reaction (hint – watch the video!). Jaclyn joined George at the top of the aisle and the London based celebrant, Hannah, did a great job leading the ceremony. There were plenty of laughs and every guest was fixated on bride and groom throughout.

After the ceremony, the guests flooded out onto the sunny courtyard and enjoyed champagne and canapes. After the ceremony, the guests flooded out onto the sunny courtyard and enjoyed champagne and canapes. George and Jaclyn offered me some of their canapes and I put professionalism to one side momentarily to enjoy one of the seafood options. The guests continued to soak up the sun as they strolled along to “The Conservatory”, which owes its name to the structure, which is dominated by incredible panes of glass. A huge transparent dome made up the ceiling that floats above the beautifully laid out tables and their white floral centre-pieces.

The wedding party made their way to their tables and George and Jaclyn made their entrance soon after. Food and drink were served and the guests began to enjoy the champagne and Fireball Whiskey, which was available from behind the bar. Some guests enjoyed the whiskey more than others…

The speeches came shortly after the wedding breakfast and struck such a nice balance of emotions. George’s speech was especially heartfelt and he made special mention to his mother and, of course, his new wife.

As the speeches went on, the light dimmed and evening approached. The band started to arrive when speeches were wrapping up. The musicians started to lay out their gear and the new Mrs & Mrs. L went to another area of the conservatory to cut the wedding cake. Health & safety went right out the window as Jaclyn and George grabbed a sword and cut into the cake. George proceeded to duel with the cake and dealt it fatal blow, which lead to the top tier landing squarely on the floor (no exaggeration). George and Jaclyn then took the opportunity to indulge in some of the remaining cake with some of the guests.

The night had drawn in and the band announced the first dance. Wedding musicians often dim their lighting immediately before the first dance to keep videographers on their toes; I kept my light panel at hand and waited for the start of the music. Jaclyn and George made there way onto the dance floor and threw out some well choreographed moves. Friends and family soon joined them and the band kept everyone dancing throughout the evening.

I packed away my videography gear and said farewell to George and Jaclyn. They were both incredibly thankful for my attendance and I was equally happy to have documented their special day.

Thank you George and Jaclyn for inviting me to your wedding. I hope you enjoy your wedding film for many years to come.

If you are interested in a wedding video then send me a message and I can answer any questions you may have.