What do I do when I am not filming weddings? I’m still filming!

I love to travel and so I decided to film a trip that I had booked with five friends. The destination was Mayrhofen in Austria, which is based in the Tirol region of the Alps. It’s been a while since I made a travel video or a ski video and, so I packed a few pieces of videography equipment and filmed whenever I got the opportunity.

Spring is my favourite time of year for snowboarding. It doesn’t coincide with Summer, which is always a busy time of year for wedding photography and wedding films. The chances of sun and warm weather are also good and it’s not unusual to see good snowfall, especially in the earlier part of the month. We headed out to Mayrhofen in early-March and the conditions did not disappoint.

Snow had been falling in the Alps for the week before we arrived, so there was fresh powder, especially at the higher altitudes. However, we did not arrive to a white out. The white stuff had stopped falling the day before we arrived and as the plane started to fly over the mountains, the clouds started to clear. We landed at Innsbruck airport in almost cloudless conditions and we had intentionally booked our trip to arrive early, so that we could be in Mayrhofen before midday and hit the slopes.

The were no delays and we were in resort and up on the mountains in the early afternoon for some Spring skiing. Part two coming soon!

A quick word on the gear I used any why I used it for this trip…

Sony a6300
Sony 16-50mm OSS Kit Lens
Sigma 30mm 1.4 Lens
Crane-M gimbal

– Small and light enough to be unhindered
– In-video autofocus means I can be reactive
– 4K for good detail and post-production cropping for extra focal length
– 1080p at 100fps (PAL) for slow-motion shots.

– It’s a kit lens, but quality is decent in good light.
– Focal length is variable and therefore versatile
– Small and light
– The image stabilisation means that footage is smooth handheld and incredibly smooth when combined with the gimbal

– Amazing image stabilisation, especially when combined with an optically stabilised lens.
– Smaller and lighter than a tripod, glidecam or any other method of stabilisation
– More versatile than a tripod or glidecam due to it’s electronic pan, tilt and roll functions.

Sigma 30mm 1.4
– Amazing image quality
– Wide aperture and good for low light
– Adding some artistic Bokeh and DOF to the final video

I packed this gear into my Burton Zoom Camera Backpack, which I used as my carry on luggage on the plane. I also took it on the slopes. It has partitions to resist gear being crushed in the event of a fall. It could have comfortably held more gear, but I didn’t want to be weighed down.

Enjoy the video!